10 Things High Value People DON’T Do

Stop doubting your own self-worth.

James Michael Sama
8 min readFeb 11


What makes someone “high value?” It’s not rooted in how much they make, or what they look like, how many friends they have, or their relationship status…High value people simply decide to recognize their own worth and show up in the world accordingly.

They project their confidence in their own value through the things they do, of course, but equally as important are the things they don’t do. The behaviors they don’t engage in. The things they don’t tolerate both from others, and from themselves.

Let’s discuss some of the things that you should stop doing in order to feel more secure in your own worth:

1: Trying to convince others of your value.

First thing’s first — people who are secure in themselves don’t have to tell other they’re secure. That act, in itself, signals insecurity.

They’re not trying to convince others that they’re worthy of attention, or praise, or — most of all — love.

If you’re secure in your own value, the very nature of this security is that it doesn’t need to be proven at every turn.

The people who you allow into your life should recognize all of the amazing things about you without you needing to tell them. And, if you do find yourself trying to convince them to like you, or love you, you’ll soon find that this begins a vicious cycle of instability in your relationships.

You’ll always feel as though you need to remind them of your worth, or keep proving it over time in order to keep them in your life.

People who truly see you for who you are don’t need a reason to love you. They want you in their life just as much as you want them in yours.

2: Using “minimizing” words.

This is a small thing that makes a big difference.

Odds are, you may not even realize you’re doing it — but once you become aware of it, it’s something you’ll notice all the time. The good news is, this is the first step to improving it.

Here are two words you should eliminate from your vocabulary immediately:



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