10 Times In Life When A Person’s True Character Is Revealed

Here’s when you see who they really are.

James Michael Sama
10 min readMay 25


When it comes to getting to know a person — I mean truly and deeply getting to know them, there is sometimes a chasm between what they choose to show us, and what the reality actually is.

Naturally, learning about people takes time. Hell, learning about ourselves takes time. And, I’m not suggesting that a person will intentionally keep things from you, or misrepresent themselves to you. If they are doing this, it’s obviously best to distance yourself from the dishonesty.

However, for most, it’s simply a matter of spending enough time with them to learn what they really stand for, how they respond to a variety of situations, and what’s most important to them.

In this article, we’ll discuss some instances over the course of one’s life when you see their true colors shine through, and see if what they’re telling you is actually aligned with the truth.

1: When they’re under heavy stress.

We’d all like to pretend that life is always sunshine and rainbows and bunnies hopping through fields, but we know that’s simply not the reality we live in.

Life comes along with its wonderful variety of stressors. There’s pressure in your business or work, pressure from your kids, financial pressure, pressure to get the mortgage paid, the in-laws their lawnmower back, the oil changed because the car won’t stop yelling at you every time you start it.

There are big and small things in life that, when all pile on top of each other, can feel overwhelming and unmanageable.

During these times, when we feel like things are spiraling out of control and we cannot keep up with them — or even when one single source of stress is looming above us, is when we get a glimpse at our own (and someone else’s) true character.

Do they recoil into themselves, shut down, and pretend like nothing is happening?

Do they neatly and clearly organize tasks in order of priority and begin executing on them?

Do they plow through everything at once like a bull in an antiques shop?



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