12 Essential Habits Of The Ultimate Man

Utilize this list to create a limitless life.

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1: Practice gratitude.

The famous Jim Rohn once proclaimed: “learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” This simple but poignant lesson about gratitude helps to ground us when we put all of our focus on where we are going, at the expense of enjoying where we are.

2: Read more.

In a world where most of what we feed our minds is compiled of cat memes and political arguments on Facebook, it is imperative to consciously decide what information we are going to take in.

3: Hone your communication skills.

Just as important as what you take in from the world, is what you give back to it. Effective communication and speaking abilities are paramount to your success in all areas.

4: Learn to defend yourself.

Though we are no longer cavemen, a sense of security and confidence comes along with understanding the basics of self defense.

5: Learn to cook.

We mentioned what you feed your brain when you read, but without proper fuel intake, your body cannot function at its peak. And when your body cannot function at its peak, neither can your mind.

6: Treat everyone with respect.

So many people get caught up in their own daily lives that they lose sight of those around them. They bump into each other on the train, in the street, don’t hold doors, don’t say thank you or sorry…

7: Learn more about women.

Particularly true for heterosexual men, a deeper understanding of the female brain helps us learn the basics of attraction, relationships, communication, and emotional connection.

8: Prioritize health and fitness.

Demanding jobs, businesses, and obligations can take up much of our day. Often, taking the time to prepare healthy foods or get in some physical activity seems like a second priority, but the truth is if your health begins to fail, you won’t be able to function at an optimized level nor take care of those around you.

9: Always stay true to your word.

Honor seems to be a lost concept in today’s society. Challenge yourself for 30 days to do exactly what you say you’re going to do. Watch how your self confidence and relationships improve because of it.

10: Tip well.

My dad has always told me that if you take care of people, they will take care of you.

11: Travel.

Experiencing different cultures, locations, arts, attitudes, societal norms…is the absolute best way to become acquainted with the world around you. It combats against prejudice. It expands your worldview and values. It opens parts of your mind you didn’t know you had.

12: Define your identity and cultivate it every single day.

The world is always telling you what you should do. Where you should work. What kind of women you should date. What you should wear. What kind of car is cool to drive.

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