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3 Simple Needs Men Have In Relationships

We are but simple creatures.

James Michael Sama
4 min readFeb 25, 2024


If you’re familiar with any of my writing, you know that I primarily focus on how we (meaning — men) can be even better partners, husbands, boyfriends, and productive members of modern society.

How we can elevate ourselves and live as gentlemen.

How we can prioritize honor, respect, love, and a healthy masculine energy that serves the world around us.

This is why I began writing more than a decade ago. It’s why I’ve spoken on stages and on television across the United States. It’s why I work with men in my coaching practice, which began its roots serving women upon inception.

Amassing more than one hundred million views over the past decade, there’s one question I’ve received more than any other:

“What about men?”

Normally, I cringe at this question just as much as I cringe at “What about women?” when posted on an article that’s about men.

Not every article is about every person. We can have multiple conversations at once.

Today, I want to outline three simple and basic needs that men have, to help women understand why a man may be distant, pulling away, or feeling lost or uncertain within the relationship.



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