5 Awkward Conversations That‘ll Strengthen Your Relationship

Awkward, but important.

James Michael Sama
6 min readJul 12, 2023


What is it that really strengthens relationships?

Trust? Yes.

Intimacy? Yes.

Romance? Yes.

Consistent (mutual) effort? Of course.

Talking about the hard shit and revealing the secrets that you’ve never told anyone else before? Absolutely.

I think this is a big problem with relationships these days — we’re not willing to be vulnerable enough.

We’re so caught up in image, appearance, and how we’re projecting ourselves that we refuse to come across as anything less than perfect.

But, we’re not perfect. I’m not perfect, and neither are you.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

That’s a good thing, though, because “perfection” (albeit nonexistent) doesn’t allow space for personality. Your flaws and insecurities are often the very things that make you unique. They’re what make you you.

To build a real, strong, lasting foundation with someone, they need to know, love, and accept all pieces of you. That means you need to have some difficult conversations to show them what that really means:

1: The vision you have for your own future.

If you’re serious about building a future with someone, you need to make sure you’re moving in the same direction.

I believe that a lot of people end up too far into the wrong relationship because they weren’t fully honest about what they were looking for in the long run.

Either that, or they didn’t even know in the first place.

They just sort of…went with it.

It’s easy to do if someone is interested in you, likes you, or pursues you. It feels good to be wanted and we gravitate towards that.

But, unless you’re just having a casual fling with someone, it’s important to make sure that you both want similar things down the line.

Do you want to live in a city environment? Country? By the water?



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