5 Reasons Men Succeed At Work But Fail At Relationships

Why do so many traditionally successful men have failed relationships or problems connecting with women?

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They’re not doing the INNER WORK.

Truly defining your purpose. Your passions. Your path. What you would do even if you weren’t getting paid.

They block emotions and vulnerability.

Our society is notorious for discouraging men from showing emotion or vulnerability. This, in turn, prevents men from connecting deeply with women, and as a result these relationships fall apart.

We are not building friendships with other men.

There have been a variety of articles in recent years highlighting one of the biggest threats to men is actually loneliness — not just from women, though. A lack of male friendships is preventing us from connecting with others in a way that we simply cannot expect from the woman in our life.

We fill the gap with the wrong things.

What’s left when we can’t build strong intimate relationships OR friendships? Stuff. Stuff is there.

We are simply not happy by ourselves.

Not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Not everyone wants to get married. Not everyone wants to have children. We are each free to make our own choices and our own decisions on how we live our life.

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