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James Michael Sama

Every structure needs a strong foundation.

No relationship is ever perfect, but we can strive to find the person who makes us realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

1. Both partners feel fully accepted as they are.

What does it mean to feel fully “seen” by another person? Not physically seen — but on a deeper and more meaningful level?

Feeling like your partner understands who you truly are on a higher level than any other person — and loves you for it — is what allows you to open up to them and share every facet of your being.


It’s not about age, it’s about maturity.

As we grow through phases of life, priorities change, as does what we feel ready to step into.

For some men, myself included, we want to have a variety of experiences in order to define the life we want to live.

These experiences bring us new perspectives and a level of maturity that allows us to show up the way we need to for a significant other — if that is part of the path we choose.

1. He’s living with the future in mind.

I have a tendency to…

Greatness is cultivated by our daily routines.

How can I be a better boyfriend? A better son? A better brother? How can I be a better role model to my girlfriend’s daughters? How can I be a better friend? And most of all — how can I create an even deeper sense of pride in the man I have worked to become?

My belief has always been that, while we don’t often voice them publicly, many other men struggle with the same questions.

As our lives evolve over time, we are presented with…

Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Some people may read this and immediately recoil at the idea of dating being ‘easy’ or ‘simple.’ They will rant about how things are so complicated now and how nobody wants any commitment and is just looking to hook up or chat forever and never meet.

Which is exactly my point.

These things are not trying, or challenging, or difficult. They do not require depth or substance or emotional commitment — they…

Know when to walk away.

If you are being played, you will feel emotional confusion and exhaustion around your developing relationship to the point where you’ll wonder if it’s even worth the effort.

Let’s explore some red flags that the person you’re giving your time to doesn’t actually deserve it:

1: The relationship feels stagnant.

While there is no blueprint to a relationship, there are still steps forward that we all take that signify progress and increasing interest.

We spend more time together, we start sleeping over more often, we leave toothbrushes or clothes, we meet their friends or families, we exchange “I love you”s.

If someone is just playing…

Image: Tom Weller/DeFodi Images

A gold medal in courage.

You’ve seen by now that Simone Biles, the United States’ most prominent and talked about gymnast, has withdrawn from the 2021 Olympics, citing the need to focus on her mental health.

I don’t write or speak about sports and athletes, but I do write and speak about mindset, identity, and purpose.

We live in a world where even the average person walking the streets feels a sense of pressure.

We feel pressure to look, dress, act, walk, or talk a…

It’s a commitment on a whole other level.

Taking on the responsibility of dating a woman who has children is not for the faint of heart. Below, we’ll discuss some questions every man should ask himself before making this very real commitment.

1. Am I secure enough to take a back seat sometimes?

Every article you’ll ever read about dating a mom will tell you that her kids will always come first. Anyone who has any experience with children knows that they, themselves, are a full time job. Depending on the age(s) of your new love interest’s children, the “full-timeness” will obviously change.

The fact will always remain, though, that her kids will always be her biological, emotional, and…

Not one of those “How I did it” articles.

This is a little different than the topics I usually write about, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me lately that they have been thinking of starting to write and just need to actually make the jump and do it.

For that reason, I wanted to provide a little bit of insight that I have picked up along my path as a blogpreneur. (Yes, I just made that up).

It’s not something you fall into, it’s something you build.

We spend a lot of time talking about how to recognize a toxic person or a toxic relationship, but it’s also important to acknowledge what the right relationships look like, and how, when you’re in one, you can make it last.

Here are some ways you and your partner can stand the test of time.

1. You respect each other’s differences and use them to your advantage.

Not that I am much for sports analogies, but I think one would be fitting here. When you are on a team, not everyone is good at the same things. …

@JamesMSama and @Rachel.Xtina

It’s not as mysterious as you think.

While obviously every human’s wants and needs are different when it comes to their relationships, we can find some similarities along the way that help us understand how we can be the best partner possible.

Disclaimer: You should always strive for open and honest communication with the person you love so you can understand their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

In the meantime, the…

James Michael Sama

Top 5 Love & Relationship writer. 38 million+ Views on Speaker and coach helping you live a limitless life. Say hello! @JamesMSama

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