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James Michael Sama
@JamesMSama and @RaeTheWarrior

This article is written to help you gain a clearer understanding around how to be the partner who will make her feel safe, secure, loved, and cared for.

What good is attracting the woman of your dreams if you don’t know how to nurture the relationship?

Let’s explore:

1: Accept her strength without being threatened by it.

There are…

James, aren’t you the guy who always tells us to raise our standards?

That’s me! Guilty as charged. But, I’m also the guy who reminds you that holding unrealistically high standards for people can easily sabotage your chances at finding love.

Here are some signs that you might be missing…

I believe one of the big reasons many people don’t get what they deserve in a relationship is because they’re not even sure what that even means.

Low self worth and failure to maintain boundaries can easily bring you to an unhealthy, toxic, or just plain boring relationship.

Let the…

Times change, and along with them — social norms change. Technology changes. Acceptable behavior changes (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse), and basically, well, everything changes.

We’ve rightfully left behind a lot from our past as our society has evolved and become more conscious about our actions — but the…

What is it that really strengthens relationships?

Trust? Yes.

Intimacy? Yes.

Romance? Yes.

Consistent (mutual) effort? Of course.

Talking about the hard shit and revealing the secrets that you’ve never told anyone else before? Absolutely.

I think this is a big problem with relationships these days — we’re not willing…

We’ve all heard the placid and rehearsed “advice” from friends and family about dating:

Just be yourself, the right person will come along!

It’ll happen when you least expect it!

When you know, you know!

While given with good intentions in mind, the truth is that these and other platitudes…

Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy Stock Photo

For nearly two years, myself and millions of other James Bond fans awaited the delayed release of the 25th James Bond film, and the final outing for 15-year Bond, Daniel Craig; No Time To Die.


Do not keep reading if you’ve…

@RaeTheWarrior and @JamesMSama

The points in this article are designed to help you gain a greater understanding of how to express and explore your love for your partner in ways that she feels on a deeper level than ever before.

1: Start with a clean slate.

First thing’s first, you’re probably going to come into a relationship with preconceived…

@JamesMSama and @RaeTheWarrior

The word ‘love’ takes on many different forms and meanings. There are casual ‘luv ya’ texts to a friend, the love we share between family members, the love we have for a best friend, and then there is the deep, intimate love we feel in a relationship.

The type of…

First, some good news.

The divorce rate in the United States recently hit a 50 year low.

Yet, if we look around, it seems like so many are struggling to keep the love and romance alive for the long term. You may even be feeling the tension yourself, particularly in…

James Michael Sama

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