A Good Husband Makes These 12 Promises To His Wife

Making promises doesn’t earn you respect — KEEPING them does.

James Michael Sama
11 min readMay 31


We’re all used to the traditional marriage vows we’ve heard a million times: “In sickness and in health,” “For richer or poorer,” “‘Til death do us part.” While integral pieces of the matrimonial foundation, I believe there are far more nuanced and often unspoken promises that spouses make to each other.

Marriage is not the only checkpoint to cross in order for these promises to be valid, though — any serious, monogamous, and potentially lifelong relationship should be approached with similar virtue and magnitude.

Inevitably when writing articles like this, comments will flood in making sure that I know “this goes both ways.” I’ll save you the energy from now — we all know that effort and dedication in relationships must be mutual in order for the union to succeed…

I, though, am a man — which means I write from the male perspective and only speak of what I, myself, can exemplify.

For that reason, then, let’s discuss some of the promises that a proper husband who lives with honor and integrity should make to his wife (yes, that includes me).

1: “I am fully and unquestionably ready to make this commitment.”

I am as progressive as they come. I think every individual human on the planet should be able to do whatever the hell they want with whomever the hell they want and enjoy every second of it, as long as it’s not hurting anyone or themselves.

I do, however, hold the traditional and “old school” view that marriage is…well…forever.

For that reason, it is one of the most important and serious decisions a person can ever make.

And, for that reason, we need to be completely certain that we are ready to accept such a responsibility. Marriage is about dedicating your entire life to one single person on an intimate and emotional level. It’s about giving yourself fully to them, and accepting them just as completely.

It’s about knowing, for sure, that this is the person you want to choose…not just today, but every single day for the rest of your life.



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