Dating Someone New? Ask These 10 Questions

ALL signs should point to “yes.”

James Michael Sama
8 min readJun 13, 2024


We talk a lot about how to recognize the signs of love and affection from someone you’re dating, but none of that really matters if you aren’t sure how you feel about them.

Is this something real? Or are you just infatuated with them? Is it just because you have great sex, or is there something truly special developing?

Giving yourself honest answers to these questions will help you know if your feelings are fleeting, or rooted in real love.

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Let’s explore the questions:

1: Would I change the way I live for them?

First thing’s first, I didn’t say change your personality, values, beliefs, or standards for them.

But, the truth is that life while in a relationship is vastly different than being single.

You’re considering two (or more, if kids are involved) lives when making decisions instead of just one. You’re working around more schedules, intertwining more obligations, dedicating your time to more than just your own interests.



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