Do These 8 Small Things Daily To Make Your Relationship Last

The small things really are the big things.

James Michael Sama
6 min readSep 15


Now more than ever, we judge relationships based on the snapshots we see on social media. How happy do two people look in that very moment? We then take that image, and assume that the entire relationship always looks like that.

As we all inherently know, this simply is not reality.

The photos you capture traveling through Europe, or lounging on the beach during your extended vacation are part of your life — and a great part, at that.

But, they do not make two people stick together forever through the hard times, the challenges, the struggles…

That is achieved through small things that nobody else sees.

1: How you greet (and leave) each other.

In my 38 years on this earth I cannot tell you a single time I’ve seen my parents leave the house or enter the house without a hug and a kiss.

I believe that taking that extra moment of time to “find” each other (quite literally) signals a prioritization of that person in your life. It says “I need to make sure I acknowledge you before I go do what I have to do.”

Some may say this is extreme. Life is busy, and we are always running in and out to get things done — but that’s exactly the point. Honoring the commitment we make to each other to keep the core (our relationship itself) top of mind.

2: How you speak to each other.

Obvious? Maybe not…

When we first start dating, we are overflowing with compliments, flattery, nicknames, and whisperings of sweet nothings in each others’ ears.

Then, life happens.

You’re busy with chores, stressed from work, the kids are running around and screaming, the TV is on too loud, and before you know it…your “babe” is “Hey, turn that off!”

It may not be intentional, or even something you consciously do — but again — that’s the point.

Being aware of how we’re addressing each other is paramount to making the other person feel loved, understood, seen, and…



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