Emotionally Mature People Do These 5 Things Differently

Signs of being mindful in life and love.

James Michael Sama
5 min readJun 2


Emotional maturity is displayed through the ways that we respond to the world around us, and even more importantly, the people around us. It’s shown through our responses, our mindfulness, our habits, and the expectations we hold for ourselves and those we allow into our lives.

Below, we’ll discuss a few things that emotionally mature people do differently than most — the actions (or lack thereof) that truly set them apart from others who’ve not done the inner work necessary to develop this heightened sense of maturity.

If you want signs of emotional maturity in an intimate partner, here are 12 signs you’re with an emotionally mature man.

Now, onward:

1: They respond — they don’t react.

What’s the difference, you may ask?

I like to think of responses as thoughtful and intentional, whereas reactions are more instinctual and swift.

There is a space of time between when a stimulus is presented, and when a person reacts — or responds to it.

Typically, the shorter that space is, the more knee-jerk the reaction is. It’s instant. It’s driven by our subconscious.

In some cases, an instant response is important. Self-defense, reactions while driving, protecting a loved one, avoiding a catastrophe.

In general daily life, though, responses are often much more productive than reactions.

It prevents us from jumping to conclusions.

It prevents us from saying things we’ll regret.

It prevents us from making decisions that are fueled strictly be emotions, void of logic.

Emotional maturity takes its time figuring out what the best way to respond to something is. It slows itself down. It looks at what’s in front of it using clear eyes. It’s not in a hurry, and doesn’t gain anything by making the quickest decision — just the right one.

2: They respect your boundaries WITHOUT feeling rejected by them.



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