Glaring Signals That You’re Settling For Less Than You Deserve

Your heart is speaking…are you listening?

James Michael Sama
13 min readNov 5, 2023


How many people do you think are settling for less than they deserve in life? Not just life, but love?

Most people, if we’re being honest, are living a life that leaves space between what they’re getting, and what they deserve.

For some, I believe it’s something they don’t even realize. If they’ve never taken the time to define what they deserve, how can they know what it really means?

And, what’s more, if they don’t truly believe they deserve it, they’ll be left longingly staring out the window as the world passes them by.

I, however, refuse to sit idly by and let people sink into their seats wishing for a life that, if they actually stepped up to the plate, they are capable of creating.

That’s precisely why I started writing and speaking and coaching over 10 years ago.

One of the primary factors in this is not just knowing what you deserve, but being able to honestly recognize the signs that you’re not getting it.

It’s time to stop tacitly accepting what you’re handed in life. Time to stop settling for “just okay.” Time to stop thinking that happiness is reserved for other people.

Let’s explore some of the ways that your heart and mind are sending you a message:

1: You have to convince yourself (and other people) that it’s “right.”

You do feel like you’re getting what you deserve, though!

Only…it’s after you’ve consciously told yourself in the mirror a million times. After you’ve justified it to yourself. After you’ve defended their weird actions to your friends. After you’ve said “but he/she really loves me” more times than you can count…

I think we do this a lot in life. We sell our own decisions to ourselves so we don’t need to actually face them head on.

We convince ourselves that we’re on the right career path even though we’re miserable every day.

We tell ourselves that we don’t need to go to the doctor even though we’re in constant discomfort.



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