How To Know You’re Falling…Out…Of Love

Your heart is speaking, are you listening?

James Michael Sama
7 min readJun 11, 2024


It’s valuable to understand what healthy relationships look like. What love feels like. Also — to understand what love requires as a matter of being a conscious decision that we make.

Love isn’t something you just “fall into” without work, effort, consistency, and mutual effort.

Equally important to understand, though, are the signs that you might be forcing something that isn’t really working for you. Or, that what once was something (or someone) that aligned with your identity and life path, but simply doesn’t anymore.

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Now, onward:

1: You find yourself being less affectionate with them.

Of course, not everyone is the touchy-feely, or mushy compliment type of person.

How you show affection in your relationship is less important than that you show affection in your relationship.



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