How To Spot A Bullshitter

It (should be) easier than it seems.

James Michael Sama
8 min readFeb 26, 2024


Alright, here’s the deal: I want the points in this article to help you identify and swiftly move away from someone who is so full of B.S. that it is pouring out of their eyeballs.

“James, I can already spot them a mile away!”

That’s great! And maybe some of you can — but many of us end up going down the wrong road or in the wrong relationship with the wrong person because they’ve got us so caught up in a web of lies that we don’t even know what’s real anymore.

Example A, B, and C: Many, many Netflix documentaries about otherwise intelligent people being swindled by con-artists.

None of these people thought it’d ever happen to them.

All of these people would’ve thought themselves immune to such brazen nonsense.

But, as the old saying goes: Precipitation gon’ precipitate…manipulators gon’ manipulate.

Alright, I just made that up.

Either way, let’s talk about some giant waving red flags that you should always keep in mind, no matter how handsome, beautiful, charming, or well-spoken someone is.

Disclaimer: I want to acknowledge the obvious truth that manipulation is very real, and nobody chooses to be on the



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