Look For The Person You Can Do These 10 Things With

The right person will show you why it never worked out with anyone else.

James Michael Sama
7 min readMay 30, 2024


Have you ever had an experience where you removed yourself from a situation and felt such freedom that you didn’t even realize how restricted you were until you walked away?

Maybe it was a negative work environment, or a toxic relationship, or cutting off communication from a “friend.” The end result, though, was a deep sigh of relief from feeling a weight lifted from your shoulders.

A relationship should never feel like that.

You shouldn’t feel held back, restricted, or suffocated in your relationship — but free to be your fullest and most authentic self.

You should be able to do these 10 things if you’re with the right person:

1: Express your deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment.

The key piece of this, of course, is “without judgment.” The healthiest relationships are built through communication and mutual understanding. The ability to share desires, thoughts, wants, needs, fears, feelings

We can only truly feel comfortable doing this if the space we share them into (our relationship) is free of judgment…



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