People With High Self-Worth Reject These 5 Behaviors

You can’t control how others act, but you can control what you tolerate from them.

James Michael Sama
7 min readSep 18


There’s a silent question that our subconscious asks every single day without us even realizing it:

“What type of treatment am I willing to accept today?”

We ask this question in our relationship, in our workplaces, in our family lives, in our friendships — we just don’t often phrase it so clearly.

The answer, however, is reflected in our decisions and it is decided by our level of self-worth.

Think of it this way:

Your self-worth is a little guy or gal sitting in front of two buttons — accept, or reject.

Every time someone treats you a certain way, your self-worth decides which button to push. Do we accept this treatment, or reject it?

Weaker or lower self-worth will press accept more often than not because it doesn’t hold very high standards for itself. It just lets whomever, and whatever, through the doors.

The stronger that self-worth gets, the higher its standards are for the treatment it accepts.

Let’s explore five behaviors that strong self-worth will reject every time:

1: Being manipulated.

Manipulation happens in all areas of life. It can happen at home, and/or at work. Having high self-worth isn’t about whether or not you recognize behaviors like manipulation, it’s about whether or not you accept them being thrust upon you.

Being manipulated comes in many forms, but typically the manipulator has the intention of molding your thoughts or behaviors in order for them to get their way.

They could be making you feel guilty about something, using a position of power to influence you, avoiding the blame for their own actions, or making you feel obligated to do something for them because you are their partner/coworker/spouse/friend/sister/whatever.

There’s an obvious asterisk on this: If you truly want or desire to do “Task X” for the person who’s asking, or you’ve offered, or you’re willing to…



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