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The 10 Simple Needs Men Have In A Relationship

James Michael Sama


Not as complex as you think.

Just earlier this month, my original blog celebrated its 11th birthday. When I first began writing, my mission was to help men develop a greater understanding of women, and of themselves. To show up better in their relationships. To put more effort into romance, communication, and to build stronger internal confidence.

The focus, then, was (and still often is) on what women want in relationships. To shine light on a complex topic for the men who are seeking to learn.

The past decade has brought forth thousands of articles and pieces of content on the subject. Many of which are right here on Medium.

I lead with this disclaimer, because inevitably, every single time I write about men’s needs or desires, I am met with a slew of comments asking:

“James, but what about women?!”

I’ve spent more than a decade on the “what about women” part, and today, we’re going to talk about the dudes and what they need, too.

1: Men need to feel respected.

Wait…wait! Put the pitchforks down, we’re just getting started.

Hear me out…

Our society has created a weird narrative around the word “respect” that…



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