The 12 Traits That Define A “Good Man”

The dividing lines are clear.

James Michael Sama
10 min readFeb 20, 2024


What is it that makes for a “good man”? Despite what our image-focused society tells us, it has nothing to do with his level of income, how he dresses, the car he drives, the friends he surrounds himself with, or who he’s in a relationship with.

For many, though, the allure of an appealing personal image becomes the focus. The effort put into making life look good far exceeds that put into making it feel good.

Good men live with integrity. Honor. Dignity. Respect. They strive to cultivate and embody a variety of traits and qualities that empower them to live life at this level.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the universal traits that good men work every day to embody. Not for anyone else — but because it’s part of who they are.

1: Discipline.

When I write these lists, the order of the points is mostly random. There’s no special meaning nor suggestion of “value” depending on where something is listed — this, however, is highly important.

My coaching clients are some of the world’s highest achievers, and do you know what they don’t rely on for their success and progress? Motivation.

The truth is that motivation is bullshit. It comes and goes. Wanes and waxes. Heats up and cools down. It’s unreliable, inconsistent, and fleeting.

And what’s worse is, when it’s not present, you feel a sense of disappointment, or shame, or frustration. “Why can’t I just bring myself to get moving?!”

Discipline beats motivation 100% of the time. Discipline shows up even when motivation doesn’t feel like it. Discipline is the foundation of consistency, which builds trust in yourself, and progress towards your goals.

It doesn’t matter if they’re personal goals, fitness goals, professional goals…goals are best reached through taking consistent and intentional action even when you don’t feel like it.

Being disciplined is what gets you to the gym, it’s what makes those sales calls, it’s what orders the grilled chicken instead of the pizza.

Being disciplined shows you what you’re capable of, which helps you to develop a deeper…



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