The 20-Point Guide To Modern Chivalry And Romance

Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just evolving.

James Michael Sama
17 min readJun 3, 2024


When I first started writing more than a decade ago, I began what was called “The New Chivalry Movement.”

I even had black and white wristbands made inspired by the colors of a tuxedo, and people around the world wore them on their wrists, sending me photos.

The wristbands were meant to symbolize a pledge. A pledge to treat people with love and respect in one’s relationships, and also to only accept love and respect in return.

While my focus has shifted elsewhere, I believe the need for chivalry in its evolved and modern form is more dire than ever.

When you use the word chivalry, many people think of knights in shining armor, or dapper men placing their coats over a puddle for a woman to gingerly step across in the 1950s.

While chivalry’s roots are found in knighthood as a code of conduct, our more modern interpretation has interwoven it with manners, effectively making the terms interchangeable.

Both, however, seeming to have faded over time.

I don’t believe we just need to stand by and watch honorable actions slip away, though. Some men choose to be their guardian and protector simply by continuing to implement…



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