The Right Man WON’T Care About These 12 Things

You’re probably being too hard on yourself.

James Michael Sama
10 min readJan 12, 2023


If you’re a living and breathing human being, you’ve probably had the experience of criticizing every little thing about yourself in the process of entering a relationship.

In some ways, this can provide a benefit as it ensures that we present our best selves to the person we’re interested in.

In other ways, however, it can bring about unnecessary insecurities and self-doubt that really only exist in our own mind.

As a man falls deeper for you, there are fewer things that he “cares” about, but, the things that you are concerned about don’t seem to wane at all.

I’m presenting the points below, not to make it sound like men are apathetic and careless (this is about the RIGHT man, after all), but instead, to illustrate that you’re likely criticizing yourself over things that he hardly even notices at all — or, notices, and isn’t impacted by.

**Please note** that I specifically stated the right man in the article title for a reason. The wrong men are critical, judgmental, shallow, and insecure, which causes them to hyper-focus on many of the things outlined below, as well as a slew of others. The man who deserves your love, though, has much more substance and understanding.

Let’s explore:

1: The right man doesn’t care about those few pounds you want to lose.

I’m starting with this point because I believe it to be universal, regardless of gender.

Maybe for you, it’s not a few pounds. Maybe it’s thinning hair. Maybe it’s a mole on your cheek. Maybe it’s a gap in your teeth.

No matter what it is, and no matter who you are, you probably have something about your appearance that you’d like to change.

This isn’t because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re a human being. We all have something like this, no matter what we look like.

Hell, the most beautiful people in the world are often the most insecure, because they’ve tied their very identity to their appearance, and therefore are constantly struggling to make sure it’s up to the…



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