The Secret To Finding Mr./Mrs. Right: Do What You Love

When you’re open to magic happening anywhere at anytime…it usually does.

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Adjust your mindset.

As simple as it sounds, one of the biggest things holding people back from finding love is the belief that it actually exists. They have been unappreciated, or dumped, or cheated on, and they find it hard to imagine anyone who is sincere in their actions.

Set goals.

That’s right, GOALS. When people ask me if relationships should just develop organically, I always ask them how that’s going so far. In every area of life, we define what we want and set a goal for ourselves. We do this in fitness, in our careers, even in our recreational hobbies. So, why don’t we do it for dating?

Define your wants vs. your needs.

Speaking of what you want, this is an important one. I had a client tell me once that she refuses to date a guy who’s under 6’2″. After we really started talking about it, I took a wild guess that she wasn’t really looking for someone who was a certain height, what she really wanted was the emotional and physical feeling of safety and security that came along with someone who’s got a certain stature.

Start doing more of what you truly love.

Here’s the magical secret of it all: When you really dive into living a life that YOU love and are passionate about, a variety of things happen:

  • You are driven to learn new skills or strategies to become better at whatever it is you’re focusing on.
  • You find yourself consistently around people who share similar interests.
  • You are more likely to share in conversations, attend events, connect with people online — when the topic is something you love.
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@JamesMSama and @KelNixx

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