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To Earn Even More Respect As A Man, Do These 32 Things

Respect is earned, not given.

James Michael Sama
14 min readMay 30


You feel stuck, don’t you? You know that you’re capable of achieving — nay — being so much more than you already are, but you’re just not sure where (or how) to start.

You have great ideas, but you can’t get people to listen.

You have mountains of love to give, but you can’t seem to attract women.

You feel stuck in your career, but it never seems like you have any other options.

Or, perhaps, you’re already in a relationship, on a solid career path, and have generated professional success — but you’re just not feeling fulfilled and cannot figure out why.

I believe that society is letting down the boys and men of our generation. We are seriously lacking role models in the mainstream, our positions in society are shifting and nobody is guiding us through the changes, and our visions of our self-worth and our relationships are becoming blurrier by the day.

(This is the very reason why I started writing, speaking, and coaching in the first place).

As a result, you feel lost, confused, and alone. Like you’re destined to live an ordinary, bland, beige…life.

That’s not what you envisioned for yourself though — in fact, you refuse to accept that’s all there is.

You need to separate yourself from the masses.

You need to find purpose and meaning in your work.

You need to feel a deep sense of love in your relationships — intimate and otherwise.

You frequently ask yourself:

How can I be a better partner? A better son? A better brother? How can I be a better role model? How can I be a better friend? How can I contribute more to my community? And most of all — how can I create an even deeper sense of pride in the man I have worked to become?

My belief has always been that, while we don’t often voice them publicly, many other men struggle with the same questions.

So, how do we answer them?

1. Always go the extra mile.



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