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When You Find A Woman Like This — Marry Her

Never take a good woman for granted.

James Michael Sama
9 min readMar 3, 2022


We are all looking for something different when it comes to a partner — especially someone we’ll consider spending the rest of our life with.

I do think, though, that there are some universal qualities that men desire in the woman who they love more than the idea of being single:

1: She is warmhearted.

I was having a hard time choosing the word to use for this point. Nurturing? Caring? Compassionate? Warm? Kind?

But warmhearted encompasses the idea of someone who is all of the above.

While I believe that [good] men are natural-born protectors and should do everything in their power to make the woman in their life feel safe, I also know that men have their own desires to feel cared for or looked after.

Society has painted a false picture that men are emotionless or cold, but the truth is that we feel our own frustrations, pain, fears, and insecurities.

A warmhearted person doesn’t brush off these feelings when he expresses them — she shows empathy, compassion, and support.

She asks what’s wrong and lends an ear.

Conversely, this requires men to learn how to effectively communicate the feelings they’re having so that she can step up and connect with you.

She cannot provide empathy for feelings she doesn’t know that you’re experiencing.

2: She is independent.

There’s a stigma around the term “independent woman” these days that enforces the false narrative that a woman who’s independent doesn’t “need a man.”

Well — she doesn’t — but that shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Independence is a sign of self-sufficiency and confidence. It shows you that she has her own interests, hobbies, and passions.

A woman with her own opinions and viewpoints will keep your conversations interesting. She will be intellectually challenging and curious about the ways of the world.

She will help open your eyes to new perspective and be interested in the ones you can show to her.



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