Women Feel Safest With Men Who Understand These 15 Things

Without safety, nothing else matters.

James Michael Sama
15 min readJan 21, 2023


Attraction is called just that for a reason, it’s rooted in two people that are drawn to each other in a way that feels magnetic. It’s not always a conscious or deliberate event, as you’ve felt when you’ve said “I don’t know what it is about him/her, but…whew.”

Real attraction isn’t just about actions you take, things you say, or the way you look. Many times, particularly for women, it’s far more nuanced and complex.

What is it that draws a woman to some men more than others?

A question that has puzzled men since…well…the first woman, probably.

I believe that one of the driving factors in attraction is actually safety.

What does it mean to feel safe with someone?

It means that you can trust them with your heart, your emotions, your innermost thoughts and feelings. It means that you can take the mask off and let them behind the curtain of who you truly are. You can bare not just your body, but your soul to this person.

That is how true love, true connection, true intimacy, and true bonds are formed. Without that level of safety, there will always be a hesitance, or a skepticism, or pieces of one’s soul kept…



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