Women With These 10 Traits Are Diamonds In The Rough

If you find one — don’t let her go.

James Michael Sama
9 min readJan 4, 2022


“James, you’re always talking about what men need to do in relationships, what about women?! Grunt grumble moan herpa derpa.”

A common (but inaccurate) criticism levied frequently in the comments by — you guessed it — dudes.

We all know that relationships have to “go both ways” and that men are looking for a loving, caring, and trustworthy partner just the same as women are.

And, just like women are, men are frustrated by the search.

We all know that finding a great partner is like searching for a needle in a haystack, or a diamond in the rough.

So, what qualities make a woman shine brightly above the rest? We will explore a few of them below.

1: She is genuine.

If I ask you to think of someone in your life who is genuine, who comes to mind and what qualities do they possess?

When I think of someone genuine, I think of someone who is kind, trustworthy, compassionate, and caring.

Someone who makes you feel cared for and safe.

It is biologically true that good men strive to protect the women in their lives and make them feel safe (physically and emotionally), it is also true that men have their own needs for feeling loved and cared for, as well.

Men are often painted with the (false) brush of being unemotional or cold, but I believe that many men simply hide their feelings away out of fear of social judgment.

I see you, guys.

This is why it is so valuable for a man to find a woman who is genuine can be counted on and opened up to. She will listen without judgment and provide him with a space that he can open the doors to his most authentic self.

Guys: Don’t forget, if you want her to be genuine, caring, and understanding — you need the ability to effectively communicate your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. She cannot be empathetic to something (or someone) that she does not understand. No matter how genuine she is.

2: She is ambitious.



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