You’ll Get These 10 Feelings When You’re With The Wrong Person

10 red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

James Michael Sama
11 min readSep 12


Life brings us many challenges, but perhaps one of the most challenging at all…is admitting that we’ve chosen the wrong partner.

The implications of such are vast. It makes you question your own judgment. You’re worried about what other people will think. Are you supposed to go back and delete all of those Instagram photos together?

For some, it’s even more complicated. They could be married, and/or have children, and/or have a house together, or pets, or a business…

Oftentimes this feels so overwhelming that the decision is made to just…stay. It’s easier that way. Less expensive. You can suck it up and just “deal with it”…for the rest of your life (?).

At least it’s better for the kids.

Or, is it?

The point is this: It’s never easy to walk away from a relationship, even if it’s still in the earlier stages. You start thinking about getting out there and dating again, and those feelings of what a pain in the ass it was just all come rushing back.

Let’s not even get started on the seemingly apocalyptic path one must travel when navigating a divorce where there are multiple layers involved.

One thing is certain, though: No matter how complicated the external circumstances are, you cannot hide from your own feelings. No matter what your brain decides, your heart will be tugging at you until you choose to do something about it.

Some of these tugs may be faint, while others more jarring.

How do you know when they’re worth listening to?

1: You don’t REALLY miss them when they’re gone.

You’ve both got busy lives. Your businesses or your careers keep you moving all day. School pickups and drop-offs. Soccer practice on the weekends. Maybe some work travel…

Many couples come back together at the end of each day and enjoy dinner together, or cuddle up on the couch to get lost in their favorite show.

There is a feeling deep inside of you thinking about this, and it’s faintly telling you one…



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