You’re A Total Catch If You Have These 15 Rare Traits

Give yourself the credit you deserve.

James Michael Sama
11 min readOct 25, 2023


Once upon a time, there was a person who had many amazing qualities, but somehow never truly believed it and as a result, kept settling for less than they deserved in relationships.

Spoiler alert: It’s you!

And you, and you, and also you.

The reasons why so many people have a hard time giving themselves the credit they deserve is for a different article at a different time…today, I want to help you understand the amazing things that you’re capable of bringing to a relationship, in hopes that you start raising your standards and only giving your time to people who deserve it.

In my work as a personal coach, I guide people along the journey inward to recognizing and building this deep sense of confidence and self-worth, and part of that is helping them understand the amazing things about themselves.

In this article, I’ll highlight some of those for you, too.

Disclaimer: This article is gender-neutral. These points go for everyone, so I don’t want to hear anything in the comments about how I’m suggesting that either men or women act a certain way. These are relevant to all humans.

1: Emotional intelligence.

High emotional intelligence (EQ) gives us the ability to connect with others. We can utilize it to show empathy, or compassion, or even to know when it’s best to give someone space.

In matters of the heart, EQ helps us understand our partner (and ourselves) better. It helps us to open up and communicate, and also to stop talking and truly listen.

It allows us to feel what someone needs beyond the words they are telling us, which is often an important skill to hone in relationships, as sometimes people are too shy or insecure to directly express their needs.

If you don’t have a high level of EQ right now, fear not — it is a skill that can be learned over time as we pay closer attention to the nuances of communication, and it will be one that serves us in all areas of life.

It’s a highly desirable trait in an intimate partner, because nobody wants to be…



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